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1:16 Volvo RC Excavator

Officially Authorized By Volvo. Accurate Replica Scaled 1:16 .


  • Item No.:E568-003
  • 1:16 Volvo RC Excavator
  • Size of vehicle(cm):61.0*17.0*41.0
  • Size of box(cm):56.7*19.2*31.7
  • QTY(pcs):4
  • Size of carton(cm):58.5*40.5*65.0
  • Net Weight(kgs):8.7


  • 1.Officially authorized by Volvo. Accurate Replica Scaled 1:16.
  • 2.Omni directional remote control to go forward, backward, left turn, right turn. Rotate either clockwise or anticlockwise.
  • 3.Workbench rotates 660 degrees, big and small arms can be controlled independently to rise and fall. Bucket can dig and unload.
  • 4.3 in 1, DIY detachable accessories can be replaced freely, high playability.
  • 5.Simulated light and sound.
  • 6.Simulated rubber track, strong road holding, rub resistance.
  • 7.2.4GHz, anti-interference, automatic code, operate by multiple users at the same time without interference.